Securing your family’s future for generations.

Estate Planning ensures that the estate of the wealth earner is efficiently & seamlessly passed on to beneficiaries.

360 ONE Investment Adviser and Trustee Services Ltd (formerly known as IIFL Investment Adviser and Trustee Services Ltd) (360 ONE IATSL), is a subsidiary of 360 ONE WAM Ltd., which is one of the largest Wealth Management Company in India. 360 ONE IATSL is a body corporate providing services to families to address their succession needs of their Indian assets with the ever-changing regulatory and social environment to ensure that current and future generations benefit with the continuity, prudence, and professionalism that a well-established organization can provide.

360 ONE IATSL has been assisting families in planning succession of their financial assets, immovable assets, jewelry, art and artefacts. We have been providing our clients with innovative, tailor-made solutions basis their objectives. While doing so we have, at all times, maintained the highest standards of integrity and professional ethics.

360 ONE IATSL has wide range of experience in giving solutions to families with various objectives:

  • Promoter Business Ownership
  • Joint family businesses with three generations actively involved
  • Ring fencing of personal assets against business risks
  • Global family requirements
  • Family having children with special needs

Our Strong Pillars