A Culture of Ownership

At 360 ONE Wealth, our employees are co-owners.

With significant employee ownership, stakeholder pride is the reason we have one of the lowest attrition rates in the financial services industry.

The Freedom to Grow

The Freedom to Grow

Our people chart their own growth path with exposure to diverse roles.

Here, you can experience fast-paced exponential growth beyond your age, if you are relentless in your achievements and ambitions. Here, you can spread your wings and work across verticals, roles and geographies. Cross-functional pollination helps broaden your skills as you gain a finer understanding of the workings of our business.

A Yardstick Meritocracy

A Yardstick of Meritocracy

We cultivate a meritocratic environment.

Here, merit is the major driver of success. We nurture meritocracy based on ideas and abilities over a hierarchy based on ranks and positions.

An Open Work Culture

An Open Work Culture

Our people bond as friends, not just co-workers.

An open work culture of mutual respect and great chemistry between our people is the key to our positive and productive work environment. Access to the senior team helps our people gain from their leadership advice, support and guidance.

What We Value

Unconventional Perspectives

Contrarians also thrive at 360 ONE Wealth. We value the ability to look at things differently and spot untapped opportunities. The freedom to voice an unconventional opinion drives our team forward.

The Spirit of Agility

In our dynamic industry, the ability to think on your feet is an imperative. We look for professionals who are intellectually smart and demonstrate nimbleness in learning, decision-making and strategic thinking.

The passion to Perform

We are driven by results. 360 ONE Wealth's meritocratic structure rewards those who are focused on making the biggest impact on the lives of our customers. An obsession with performance and a commitment to client-centricity will accelerate your career a 360 ONE Wealth.

Ambition and Adaptability

In today's competitive environment, we win through people and innovation. For us, high-achievers with an insatiable ambition to learn and adaptability to evolving situations are a great asset.

Employee Speak

My work here is appreciated and the leadership team is rich in intellectual capital. Working with brightest people in the industry has helped me.

Sahil Kapoor

Sr. Vice President

I feel like an owner here at 360 ONE Wealth. I’m personally involved in every aspect of the team’s work because I feel responsible for the company’s success.

Vijeeta Sharma

Senior Partner - Client Relations

Every day our work touches the lives of some of the wealthiest and most successful families in India. Creating wealth and being part of their journey is an enriching experience.

Parinaz Vakil

Senior Partner - Client Analytics