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India Invests (I2) – Edition 3

Activity in the private markets has declined as the ebbs and flows of global economic landscape coupled with geopolitical developments influenced portfolio decisions. While deal volume in the private equity space dipped by 24%, the median value of deals increased by 9%. While the current environment demands a degree of caution, investors are well aware that significant opportunities lie on the horizon and are well-positioned to proactively harness these investment opportunities. Here’s Edition 3 of the India Invests (I2) Report 2022.

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India Invests (I2) – Edition 2

Did you know? India overtook UK as the 3rd largest start-up ecosystem in the world in FY 2022. Also, the year saw a total of 2182 Private Equity deals. 54 unicorns were added to a total of 102, in just one financial year. Presenting Edition 2 of the India Invests (I2) Report 2022 - a deep dive into the investment dynamics of our diverse nation.

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India Invests (I2) – Edition 1

IIFL Wealth & Asset Management in association with VCC Edge has launched the ‘India Invests (I2) Report 2021’. This report encapsulates an overview of PE investments, funds and exits. It also highlights the M&A deals conducted while mapping out the startup ecosystem and their contribution to PE investments. The report also identifies various patterns of impact on the economy caused by the pandemic defined year.

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