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Mutual fund investors continue to favour international funds in February

Fund of Funds (FoFs) investing overseas registered another strong month of net inflows at Rs969.34 crore, according to data from the Association of Mutual Funds in India (Amfi) released on Tuesday.

This was more than nine times the Rs110.2 crore that such funds received in the same month, last year. The surge occurred even as most categories of domestic equity funds saw net outflows. Only multicap funds registered higher flows on the domestic equity side at ₹4,077.94 crore.

FoFs investing overseas also saw fresh launches in February with Axis Greater China Fund of Fund and Kotak Nasdaq 100 Fund of Fund. “Overseas investments should be a part of the portfolio. The range can be 5-15%. In the last few years, Indian markets have not done as well as global markets, particularly international tech stocks. This is what is driving flows into such funds. The ASEAN economies look particularly attractive at this point of time. These have been badly hit by the covid-19 pandemic and their markets offer value," said Gaurav Awasthi, senior partner, IIFL Wealth Management.

"The US market should be part of your core allocation but this may not be the right time to add exposure to the US tech stocks post the run up that has happened there. Tech stocks in India are far more attractive. The value theme also looks attractive both in the US as well as in the domestic market," he added. The NASDAQ 100 has delivered a CAGR return of around 25% over the past 10 years compared to around 12% on the Nifty 50.

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