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Imparting wealth of experience to help clients preserve and protect your legacy

The wealth management sector is shaped by changing client needs, which are determined by their unique set of circumstances, risk profile, and return expectations. In today's macroeconomic landscape, 360 ONE Wealth's objective is to provide innovative investment offerings for its clientele. As one of the premier wealth and alternates-focused asset management firms in India, managing approximately Rs. 3,45,000 crores AUM, the company has displayed the flexibility, agility, and resilience needed to fulfil the different wealth management demands of its clients. This is where Anupama Sharma, Executive Director, 360 ONE Wealth is actively involved in the firm’s growth strategy of further expanding wealth operations in Western India.

In an exclusive interview with Women Entrepreneur Magazine, Anupama Sharma walks us through her professional journey along with the unique traits of the company.

Take us through your early journey and the prior industry experience that you bring to the table.

I joined Citi as a management associate in banking operations where I lead a 6-member team. That laid my foundation and helped me understand the importance of goods systems, processes, and technology in the banking and service industry. Thereafter I set up and managed the life insurance business. My last 3 years were as a banker, managing and advising families. After ~11 years at Citi, I moved to Kotak Wealth as a private banker in 2011 and rose through the ranks to become a leader within three years. I was the Regional Business Head – West, before joining 360 ONE Wealth. I'm a Chartered Accountant with an All India thirdplace finish in CA Inter and an All India thirteenth-place finish in CA Final.

Tell us about the various responsibilities you shoulder as the Executive Director for 360 ONE Wealth. What are your current focus areas in terms of driving creative growth for the firm?

I am actively involved in the company's growth plan of extending wealth operations across the Western area of India, which largely covers sections of Mumbai, Pune, and Gujarat, and unlocking wealth potential in a few tier 2 cities like Indore and Nasik, where there is an urgent need for a more sophisticated and innovative approach to wealth management. Performance Plus is our brand’s purpose. Numbers are used to objectively quantify performance. We bring long-term success to client portfolios via numerous market cycles. We offer personalized service to each client and a relationship that extends beyond numbers.

Throw some light on the most critical business challenges you face in your current role. What steps do you take to overcome the roadblocks that you face?

The wealth management sector is becoming increasingly competitive as more firms enter the fray to capitalize on the industry's tremendous potential. We recognize that wealth management is a specialized and highly tailored service that will be expertly supported by utilizing cutting-edge digital technologies. Digital solutions are being introduced to improve the efficiency, transparency, and seamlessness of operations and service delivery, as well as to maximize their use to offer value to our clients. Overall, we hope to provide a truly intuitive and individualized service that is supported by a smart digital approach and integrated with human touch.

"At 360 one wealth, i am actively involved in the company's growth plan of extending wealth operations across western india."

What are some of the most significant milestones that you have achieved throughout your professional journey? What has been the driving force behind your success as a professional?

The wealth management industry is primarily based on our client’s trust and confidence. To ensure that we can earn and uphold the clients’ trust, our strong sense of ownership and passion to deliver performance plus is key. We are focused on delivering the best quality advice and service. Having worked in the financial services industry for more than two decades, I firmly believe that quality of service should never be compromised. Wealth management is a very people-oriented business and a stable focus on client requirements can go a long way in creating robust long-term relationships. At the same time, the best output is generated by a team of people and not in silos – to that end, my team has always been my greatest support.

How do you align yourself with the periodic shifts in your respective industry and technology landscape?

The last two decades have witnessed several market movements varying from the highest of highs to the lowest of lows. Today, digitalization has become a continuous and critical component for businesses seeking to not only survive but also prosper in the new normal. As a result, forward-thinking wealth management firms must think like technology firms. To that end, we have already adopted digital solutions. Change is unavoidable, and the most adaptable businesses continue to offer value and thrive in the long run. We have consistently dedicated time and resources to staying current with the latest developments, whether in the wealth management industry or in adapting to modern technologies.

Drawing from your experience as a business leader, what would your advice be to young women and girls who also aspire to become business leaders and entrepreneurs in the future?

As a woman, you will undoubtedly meet obstacles on your path to success. But this should not deter you from going on your intended journey. You should have the confidence to make judgments, the humility to admit mistakes, and the desire to be a lifelong learner. Hard work, enthusiasm, and perseverance may carry you far in life and in your profession. In the words of Shakespeare, the world is your oyster. It is critical for those in positions of leadership to lead with empathy and compassion and to connect with diverse leaders around the world. More importantly, respect and treasure your support system, whether it is friends or family.

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