Drafting and registration of Wills

First step towards Estate Planning

A Will is legal declaration of intention of the testator (Author of the Will) with respect to his/her property to take effect after his/her death.

What are the prerequisites for a will?

Subject to community and jurisdiction specific laws, a testator or author of the Will Should:

  • Be of sound mind
  • Not be a minor
  • Have free and clear ownership of the estate
  • Be free from undue influence/fraud/coercion
  • Should have clear title to the assets mentioned therein.

What are the contents of a Will?

The Contents of a Will should be the following:

  • Name and address of the Testator (Author of the Will)
  • The fact that the Testator is making the Will voluntarily
  • Schedule of property bequeathed
  • List of Beneficiaries
  • Appointment of Executor
  • Attestation of Will by atleast two witnesses